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Card Guide


On the interlace platform, we provide card management capabilities so you can provide gold-standard servicing for your customers. The Card Pack includes the services, events, and schemas associated with card management and card controls.

These additional card management capabilities will allow you to not only initiate new debit cards for your customers but also to build loyal customers with needed card authorizations, card controls, and dispute resolution.

At a summary level, the services and schemas for the Card Pack include the categories shown below. Once you have an active customer with an account, you can associate a new card.

  1. Initiate a new debit card
  2. Lock/Unlock card
  3. Freeze/Unfreeze card
  4. Activate card control
  5. Notify card control
  6. Initiate card authorizations
  7. Submit transaction dispute

Infinant partners with leading industry Fintech and with financial institution Fintech to provide certain features. Get in touch with us to discuss various products production options and provider solutions that can be included.

Great progress and we hope you are on your way to your Fintech launch. We recommend you spend time reviewing our platform API reference and related materials within this builder site. You can start to expand your application using you builder account and keys.

To learn more about our platform, please visit the interlace Platform API Reference.

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