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2. Test drive the APIs

Let’s walk through a simple use case of testing the Interlace services in the sandbox environment. You can think of this as your first Interlace Hello World program.

In a live/connected environment, Interlace platform relies on OAuth 2.0 as an industry-standard protocol for authorization. The Client Credentials grant type is used by your application to obtain a token to access resources in the interlace platform.

Test drive Interlace APIs

Now that you are ready to give our interlace platform a spin, follow the 3 simple steps.

  1. Open the API Reference and select a service, say Get account list

interlace account list

  1. Under Parameters, enter an UUID in x-rquid field. NOTE: You can google UUID Generator if you need help in generating UUID

interlace API request param

  1. Click on Send API Request button. Verify you get a response with HTTP status code 200.

interlace mock response

You can also get sample requests for each of the APIs in different programming languages: interlace sample in multiple lang

What to try next…

We recommend you spend time reviewing our Product Guides. These guides provide an overview of various user journeys and how to complete a series of events and transactions.

You can also access our platform API reference and related materials within this developer portal.

1. Get Access to API reference
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