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Interlace Platform

Infinant understands the benefits and best practices for adopting event-driven design and not staying stagnant with point-to-point APIs. We provide connectivity with a purpose - with tokenized, credential-free security.

Everyday life is asynchronous and when looking to embed finance in everyday events, you need a platform that can scale and deliver in real-time across many streams.

The ability to asynchronously align services and data need to be at the center of any secure, elastic, distributed, and cloud-native platforms.

Our platform can mesh your legacy point-to-point services with modern event-driven architectures to unlock an expanding set of data and transactions that can drive your business and provide personalized experiences for your users.

Event-Based Architecture

Our platform is built with microservices to support reliable and guaranteed delivery.

  • Develop with agility to push events to consumers
  • Centralized location to audit all applications
  • Lower costs because events are push-based
  • Maintain data consistency across your services

Enterprise Security

Feel secure, we take care and protect your digital assets with the latest technology.

  • Encrypted data across the network
  • Manage and monitor endpoint security
  • Network performance monitoring
  • OAuth2 to handle endpoint authorization

AWS Infrastructure

Our platform runs on the most secure and reliable networks of the Fortune 500.

  • Security provided by AWS Global Infrastructure
  • Built for performance
  • Highly flexible and scalable
  • Highest network availability for your services

Postman Collections

APIs are organized to ensure easy development and testing of our services.

  • API Schemas for our services
  • Easy to understand documentation
  • Mock servers to test APIs
  • Available downloads to use the collections on your own Postman instance

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